Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The downside to natural light

I love natural light.  My shop, at the moment, is half of my detached two car garage (the other half is, at the moment, storage and motorcycle parking).  That's fine:  on good days I get a ton of light, and I've placed my bench directly in front of the doors, so working there is a pleasure.

The problem is that I only have natural light.  See, there's not really any power to my garage.  There's a single bulb lamp on the outside, and a single outlet inside.  Neither one is grounded, and the wiring is left over from sometime probably in the 50s.  Sooner or later I'll run new (three conductor) wire and install lights and a couple more outlets, but for now, I can't work at night, or when it's heavily overcast.

Oh well.  At least I have a shop, and for most of the year it's a pleasure to work in.  That's really the important part, after all.

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